Alacryma a dry symptom of triple A syndrome


Patients's Allgrove syndrome have no tears productions.

syndrome allgrove collyre

Patients's Allgrove syndrome have no tears productions.

The patients have a dry syndrome. They do not cry. Eyes are not rather wet.

Artificial tears are created by medicines.

In France, these medicines are often paid off.

lunette syndrome allgrove

To verify the alacrymia, ophtalmologist puts a paper under the eyelid. At the end of some minutes, the patient has to cry. It's Schirmer's test.

Medicines :

-Dacudose or Dacryoserum collyre : Liquid. 2 times per day, morning and evening.

-Artelac collyre : Liquid. Four times a day.

-Lyposic : Gel. During the night.

-Refresh collyre : This medicine makes white skins on eyes.

syndrome triple A collyre

Update 2014 : i tested to new medecine, and i removed Artelac to me.

  -Vismed On time the morning and the evening, cost ~15€ in France i keep this at cold. And, I should to do a fist with your hand to take the bottle to put the liquid in your eye, as this you will more strengh than just use two fingers.
  -Optive four or six time per day, cost ~15€ in France two bottle epr month, i prefer this than Artelac because that let me less waste white on my edge's edge,

Every morning, I put a warm glove on my eyes.


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